Twelve students came together and with the theme: FREEDOM – NO LIMITS produced articles, drawings, paintings, stories, illustrations and published a book!  

These young contributors will inspire you!  The book will inspire you!  Who knows, your child may take some interest in being an author one day.

The format of the book is A4 (landscape) and contains 84 pages.  It is softback, and of very high quality.  A limited production run is being produced, therefore, click here to buy your copy now!

When you buy this book, 100% of the profits (at least £5) will help fight the abolition of slavery.

Both Sujoya and I for the longest time have always wanted to encourage children to write and to show them the ins and outs of publishing their own book.  We are priviledged enough to be home-educating our three children.  Over the years we have meet amazing families and as a result, decided to organise a group of children to collaborately publish their first book.
Together, the theme ‘FREEDOM – NO LIMITS’ was chosen.  Freedom is one of those words that can stir up deep emotions within.  We are privilege to have freedom and yet we live in a world where so many are far from free! Early on in the project, it was decided that the book should support a charitable cause.  Chab Dai was chosen as they are fighting against human trafficking, slavery and helping those freed, to reintegrate back into society.
Freedom often comes at a price!  As you flick through these pages, enjoying the beautiful paintings, drawings, stories and articles…of these young authors, please spare a thought for those who are not free!  You may even like to consider whether you yourself are free!

Project Coordinators


Daren and Sujoya have 3 children, Sioned (12), Steffan (10) and
Andreas (6).  Sujoya is a music teacher, loves reading and being a mum.  Daren is a graphic designer, print broker and publisher.  They love people, not things and just about to launch in order to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern day slavery..


All contributors’ photos courtesy of Steffan Bullock.  Shot on the Canon 40D Camera.

Raising Money to Stop
Modern Day Slavery

Chab Dai has been building partners and competency within the anti-trafficking movement since 2005.  Founded in Cambodia, Chab Dai means “joining hands” in Khmer and is an organization committed to working with diverse stakeholders to abolish all forms of abuse, exploitation & slavery.
When you buy this book, 100% of the profits (at least £5) will be donated to fight the abolition of slavery.  Your support will make a real difference in the lives of many people who unfortunately do not have the same freedom that you have and cherish today.  
Through your efforts, one day they will!  Thank you.
After printing, every single penny from the sale of this book
will go towards this 'freedom fight.'

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